Saturday, April 05, 2008

School of Language - Sea from Shore

School of Language is actually a side project by a member of Field Music named David Brewis. He's the singer/guitarist responsible for every sound on his debut solo album Sea from Shore. Having not been familiar at all with the work of Field Music, this album was basically like a blind date; I had high hopes but also wanted to reserve judgment until I got to the end of it. The album is creative, melodic, and a bit different from "normal" solo artist work. Brewis layers sounds and vocals to create interesting and catchy rhythms on many tracks. Immediately you think that this is an artist exploring musical territory that wasn't possible in the confines of his regular band. Sometimes you just need the freedom to explore individual thoughts without having others changes and mold your song ideas. Brewis definitely explores new areas that is at the same time intriguing and exciting to hear.

Sea from Shore is anything but straightforward. Brewis isn't just jamming on his guitar through typical singer-songwriter chord changes. Instead, there are cut up vocal loops, banging piano splashes, and catchy guitar riffs. Best of all, these elements keeps you on your toes and makes you listen closely. Even when you get into the album and try to predict what's coming next you may be surprised to hear something that is exactly the opposite. In addition, Brewis consistently comes through with sterling melodies. All in all, this record was a pleasant change of pace.

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