Friday, April 04, 2008

JayMay - Autumn Fallin'

Jamie Seerman is better known in the musical world as JayMay. I've kinda had my eye on her ever since I stumbled upon her Sea Green, See Blue (2006) EP from a couple years ago. She immediately reminded me of other folksy, sweet and slightly raspy voiced female singer-songwriters like Feist, Emily Haines, Eleni Mandell, Jenny Lewis or Cat Power. Each of these ladies has a distinctive but similar voice. Their approach to songwriting and overall melodies make them interesting listening material. JayMay stood out for her insightful and smart lyrics that seemed like a breath of fresh air and her pleasant arrangements incorporating strings (and vibraphone I think). Her early work garnered enough attention to get her a record deal with UK-based Heavenly Records which is distributed through major label EMI's subsidiary Blue Note (same as Norah Jones). She moved to London to be in closer proximity to the label in 2007. She recently appeared on Late Night with Conan O'Brien on March 11, 2008 and if I could find video of it I would share it with you.

Her debut album Autumn Fallin' is a promising debut from another talented female singer-songwriter. When/if people find her and seek out her album they'll be pleasantly surprised by how easy this album is to put on and leave on the stereo or iPod. Personally, I hit play and kind of knew what to expect. You may catch yourself drifting off but her lyrics will make you listen closer. I'm sure with a bit more exposure and a US tour she will gain some notoriety and a honest fanbase, which she has already developed. Hope you enjoy the track below.

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