Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Slightly Overwhelmed

I never actually thought I'd get to the point where bands would contact me and ask me to consider reviewing their music. Maybe I'm overly modest, but I'm still kinda amazed anyone outside my family or my Facebook "friendship" circle even knows this space exists. So, thank you musicians for trusting your work with me. I still don't think I'm the exposure you're looking for, but I'll do my best to spread the word one way or another.

In the coming days and weeks I'm going to try and give a taste of some new artists who have completed the task of sending me their tunes. While I may not know much about them (if anything) I'll be happy to give my initial impressions.

Kingsbury - Lie To Me EP

Kingsbury sounds like the band you should listen to while driving cross country at dawn right after a really hard rainfall. Ya dig? It's chill and mellow with atmospheric guitars that is akin to Explosions In The Sky without the sweeping crescendos and massive emotional highs and lows. I personally prefer the tracks with vocals over the instrumental stream of conciousness tracks, probably because it's my crazy Western Musician brain that just can't wrap my head around something that isn't in a certain song structure. I think this EP touches on a band that is still trying to hone their identity and sound. That being said, there are moments that are very enjoyable. Overall the EP is hopefully just a small slice of what's to come.

Holy War

Sean Fournier - Oh My EP

Sean was nice enough to contact me himself looking for his music to be heard. I've neglected to take the time to listen to his 6 track EP for the better part of 2 months. Sorry Sean. You deserve better. That's as close as I can do for a public apology. A talented singer-songwriting musician, Sean's music most resembles the likes of Jason Mraz and Damien Rice. It's poppy nature and light-hearted tunes will probably make you believe his tunes would fit nicely on any TV show that Alexandra Patsavas works on. You know the scenes; during the transition that always show the city landscape and sets the mood for what's about to occur. While not mining new territory of relationships, love, longing et al his phrasing and lyrics are quite engaging. His varied use of tracking, different percussion sounds and strings keeps the music interesting. His voice is equally smooth to the company mentioned above and maybe Jack Johnson thrown in -- minus the Hawaiian surfer vibe. I'm interested to see how it evolves and matures.

Put The World On Stop