Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Coming Soon

Up and coming, soon to be reviewed:
The Mercers
Cold War Kids
Murder By Death
Monster Buck
Kate York

Check These Out

Nelly Furtado - Loose: Much different than anything she has put out. Mostly due to Timbaland producing some great beats for Ms. Furtado to sing (sometimes rap) over. A few puzzling, but enjoyable tracks sung in spanish (I didnt even know she knew spanish) add an interesting cultural dynamic to the album that certainly will only get played on certain radio stations.

Snow Patrol - Eyes Open: I confess to kinda liking these guys. They aren't stellar but they are great at what they know how to do. This follow-up to Final Straw is more focused and less chick friendly. Which undouablty means the girls will love it even more than the first. Sometimes the lyrics are totally hokie which is a major drawback. Overall some good riffs and enjoyable melodies.

Corinne Bailer Rae: If you haven't heard about this amazing blues singer by now you will in the next couple months without fail. She has one of those voices that everyone falls in love with because it's actually good. Not American Idol good, just plain 'I can sing better than all of you without trying' good. She is a pure Blues singer. This too is a great thing. For the better part of the last year (at least) I've thought that blues is going to have a resurgance be it in John Mayer, Jack White, or something like Audioslave. All of whom are the blues at their core. Listen to this sultry blueswoman's selftitled debut and you will not be sorry.