Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Another entry filled with newcomers or soon to be released albums.

MF DOOM - Born Like This

Maybe the most hyped "underground" rapper of the past few years finally returns to reveal something other than a disc of beats or a mixtape. Rumors of impostors aside, this album doesn't sound like it was worth the wait. Anyone hoping for something on the level of Madvillainy will have to keep hoping. There is no new ground covered, nor lines that stick with you well after your initial spins. A few nice tracks are present but otherwise we should keep holding vigil for Madvillainy 2.


The Decemberists - Hazards of Love

This newest release by loquacious Portlander Colin Meloy's band is inspired and named after an Anne Briggs EP. Meloy explained to Paste: "initially conceived as a musical... but I decided about halfway through my time in France that it wasn't going to work as a stage piece. But it would still work as a rock record, so that's where it ended up." Big guitar riffs, heavier than "usual" sound, track names for the sake of themselves, and a story so convoluted you need a map designed by Led Zeppelin to begin to explain it all. Sit back and enjoy the ride a few times because there's no way to digest all this in one sitting.

A Bower Scene

Yeah Yeah Yeahs - It's Blitz!

Karen O and the band return with their 3rd album and continues to show regression and loss of edge. I've liked YYYs from the beginning when Fever To Tell busted eardrums. Show Your Bones had some enjoyable tracks but still lacked the raw power of the debut. I can barely tell this newest effort is the same band (with minor exceptions). What's with the synth/electronic bullshit? Where are the drums that sounded like the sticks were going to snap in half? Where are the searing guitar lines? Where's Karen O's signature yell/scream-singing? Probably locked away in a sub-basement vault at Interscope.

Dull Life

Art Brut - Art Brut vs. Satan

I recommend checking this album out if you've never heard Art Brut before. It's more "produced sounding than their awesome debut Bang Bang Rock & Roll but manages to draw you in with Eddie Argos telling crazy and interesting stories. They occasionally make you smirk and always make you take notice of the lyrics. With production from Pixies frontman Frank Black the album is crisp and focused.

What A Rush

Rocco DeLuca and the Burden - Mercy

Happened to see these guys on Jay Leno and liked their sound enough to check them out. They have a cool blues-rock sound (when they rock out) and a lead singer that has a very expressive voice. It helps when you have renowned U2 produced Daniel Lanois behind the boards. The guy can probably make garbage sound like it's soaring to new heights. This is quite a good album from a guy that toiled at a residency in California for three years, and now his songs have been featured in the newest season of 24.

Any Man