Monday, July 28, 2008

Shout Out

I'd like to take a quick break and give a thank you (for the mention) and shout out to fellow blogger and friend DJ Tanner a.k.a Stewart Kuhlo a.k.a Stew-Lo a.k.a Big Beard Daddy Stew.....alright the last one is fake but the previous ones hold water. Stew and I go back a few years from the time we spent together in Cork, IRE. It's amazing how quickly the only Jews on the trip gravitated to each other. Not only sharing an ancient religion, but the whole idea of being brought up with guilt and lovingly nagging moms really makes for serious bonding. Stew and I had many adventures; from exploring mountaintops in Dingle (during off-season), trying to find new cds for under €20 in the 2 record stores in town that weren't a Virgin Megastore or HMV, drinking too much stout, to traveling the Spanish Mediterranean Coast. Along the way I acted as Stew's personal photographer, whipping boy, and traveling secretary. Whew.

All this being said, Stew has finally found a perfect forum to share his ideas on a litany of topics. He now makes his home in Chicago while occasionally working on not working when he's not studying The Law. He's partnered up with a chap calling himself "