Thursday, April 29, 2010

Kate Nash - My Best Friend Is You

Somewhere in the world of Lily Allen and Amy Winehouse rests a girl named Kate Nash whose lyrics are just as brash and voice is somewhere in the middle in terms of raw talent. Seemingly out of nowhere she landed on the musical scene with her breakout debutMade of Bricks and had a lot to prove on her eagerly anticipated sophomore effort My Best Friend Is You. I don't think it's a stretch to say this album finds Nash totally in love and quite a bit happier...mostly. There's still a Parental Advisory label on the front in case you were worried she'd cleaned up her sweet yet dirty mouth just listen to the rant that begins "Mansion Song." There are plenty of songs on this album that will satisfy various segments of Nash's fan base. You have the pop stuff on "Side A" and a few more independent thinking tracks on Side B. Naturally, it would be interesting if she eventually makes a whole album full of songs that weren't concerned about getting excessive play on the radio.

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