Thursday, August 07, 2008

Welcome to Hip Hop Week

I'd like to start by thanking the people that could make this special week come to fruition. Without their semi-constant antagonizing I probably would have put this off for a little while longer. As it is, I've actually been wanting to do this for a number of months. The reasons it hasn't happened till now is a mix between personal circumstances, procrastination, and just a difficulty in finding at least five albums I'm excited to talk about and review. Those two dudes know who they are, so I'm not going to acknowledge them by name for fear of increased fame, notoriety, or incrimination or drive-by.

During Hip-Hop Week, Vol. 1 I plan to review a few albums that have been bumping my car speakers to their tipping point, explore some general ideas on the state of the genre, along with some thoughts on what I perceive makes hip-hop worth listening to then and now. I know that my loyal familial readership probably won't "get" a lot of what I'll be speaking about, or will have preconceived notions of the genre as a whole. That's okay. We're trying to expand the palette of listening. Take a dip in unfamiliar water. Give some added culture to the daily routine. You don't have to like it, you don't have to agree with it, you don't even have to read / listen if you don't want to. You could even consider these next few days as a sabbatical from reading my blog, (but please come back!) but I would ask that you give it a shot. You may learn something, or heaven forbid hear something new that you actually enjoy.

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