Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Weepies - Hideaway

Here is another band that I've written about way back when (2006!) and have a new album out. For a refresher I said: The duo is comprised of Steve Tannen and Deb Talan and this (Say I Am You) is their major-label debut. They stick to what they produce best which is sentimental, folky-pop. This also includes vocal and guitar melodies that are harmonically simple, yet pleasant. Just as a random thought, I don't think I've ever directly quoted myself. That's kinda fun. Moving on. How about a little updated background. Since we saw them last, Steve and Deb toured successfully in support of Say I Am You, in 2007 they got married, wrote some new songs, contributed songs for Wild Hope (Mandy Moore movie), and to top things off they had a baby. Mazel Tov. But the flurry of activity hasn't dampened their catchy, melodic, pleasant folk pop skills.

The newest effort is titled Hideaway (2008) and represents another solid effort. It's no better, no worse than their previous album but it does sound more polished (thank you Nettwerk cash!). It's fitting that this new album's cover art is shades of blue with a huge whale. The record is bluer and deeper than the previous album. The majority of the songs deal with unrequited love, loss of innocence (thank you new baby), and general romantic disillusionment (thank you marriage?). Either way, The Weepies deliver on their established brand of music. There are no letdowns on this album and you get exactly what you'd expect after hearing their previous work. This is a continuation of their career which should see them continue to make great music together.

"Can't Go Back Now"

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