Wednesday, February 06, 2008

The Clientele - God Save The Clientele

While The Clientele have been around for a number of years, it hasn't been up until recently that their music has been getting more and more notice. Their second album Strange Geometry (2005) was their first with Primal Scream producer Brian O'Shaughnessy and notable for it's scaled back reverb and addition of string orchestration. The group is made up of Alasdair MacLean (vox/guitar), Mark Keen (drums), James Hornsey (bass), and Mel Draisey (violin, keys). Even though they are from London, they are more famous in the U.S. than at home in the U.K. They are signed to Merge Records, and therefor labelmates with such acts as Spoon, Arcade Fire, M. Ward, and The Magnetic Fields.

God Save The Clientele (2007) is a bit of a misnomer. They really don't need divine intervention, because this album is already pretty holy great. Alright, that was lame. Either way, the album is a pleasure to listen to. It's reminiscent of harmonic Beatles and The Byrds. The range of emotions and dynamics on this album will make you kinda sad, breathe joy into your life, and make you coast off into a dream-line state. Each track is consistently good, and never feel like they're missing a step. While most songs are mid-tempo, or slower ballads, there are a few quicker paced songs that juxtapose the others quite nicely. This is quintessential indie pop music. It's not breaking down any archetypes, but it also isn't cookie-cutter Top 40 bullshit either. Hope you enjoy.

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