Thursday, November 15, 2007

Radio Moscow

Radio Moscow are the real deal. This is the reincarnation of blues-rock. Balls to the wall, heavy guitar riffs, simple lyrics, and heart-pounding rhythms all coming from a power trio straight out of...Ames, Iowa??? Do not adjust your computer screen. Yes; middle of the country, corn fields, Iowa. While groups like the White Stripes or the Black Keys have a modern take on blues-rock, Radio Moscow seem to have forgotten they're making music in 2007 and not 1977. They don't sound exactly like Jimi Hendrix Experience or Cream but they definitely could have opened for them. Radio Moscow's break came after going to a Black Keys concert and giving their demo tape to Dan Auerbach (member of the Black Keys). He was so impressed he invited them to his home studio and offered to produce their debut album. He also managed to get them signed to the same label.

Radio Moscow is a vicious romp through hearty blues rock of both instrumentals and songs with lyrics. While the album isn't very long, it is more than satisfying. This a band that yearns to be heard live. There is plenty of time for guitar solos throughout the tracks, all of which sound focused and ramble just enough to sound completely free-form and improvised. It's incredible to think that guitarist/vocalist Parker Griggs is merely 23 years old. He plays with the precision of someone at least 10 years his senior. While the structure of the songs are simplistic, there is a passion that exudes from the band that sounds effortless. Griggs isn't just trying to recreate past blues guitar heroes he's using them as a starting point. He shows off his chops that range in influence from blues, to rockabilly, to punk, to metal, and back to rock all in one song on occasion.

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