Monday, November 05, 2007

Born Ruffians - Hummingbird EP

Well, after a too long hiatus, ongoing writers strike, and just lack of inspiration I'm back. Sorry to the 8-15 people who read this for the delay.

Born Ruffians are another Canadian indie rock band trying to find their niche in the mainstreaming indie scene. The trio is comprised of Luke Lalonde (guitar/vocals), Mitch Derosier (bass), and Steven Hamelin (drums). Their Hummingbird EP was released in October on their new label WARP and showcases an evolving sound. While the release contains only 3 songs, they each demonstrate where the band is likely going with their release Red, Yellow and Blue, which is scheduled for release worldwide on WARP records in February 2008.

Born Ruffians have a "jaunty mix of shifty guitar riffs and hyper-chic vocals for a Pixies-esque shredded kind of sweetness" according to AMG. This is only a snippet of what Born Ruffians are about. Their sound is kind of like Vampire Weekend in it's playfulness, sing-song lyrics, and fresh eclectic sound. Not to mention their lead singer sounds similar with his higher-pitched voice and vocal style. They've opened for the likes of Caribou, Hot Chip, and Peter Bjorn & John. This EP will only make the full-length release more anticipated, and if they can assemble ~10 songs that are as good as these three they'll have others opening for them in no time.


Anonymous said...

don't cross the picket line
pencils down means pencils down

The Boozy said...

Who ever said "pencils down" is an idiot. They clearly have no clue what this strike is about. Blog writing has nothing to do with the strike.