Friday, October 05, 2007

Tony Lucca & Friday Night Lights

In preparation for the season premiere of the best show on TV that is critically acclaimed and (hopefully up until now) rarely watched, Tony Lucca's "Devil Town" is posted below. The show in question is none other than Friday Night Lights. Not only is Tony Lucca a somewhat obscure artist but his song "Devil Town" which is featured in FNL is perfectly befitting of the show. It's ambling southwestern rock sensibilities relate perfectly to the fictional town of Dillon, TX. FNL is fabulously written, and gives some of the most accurate depiction of real human emotion seen on TV. Every reaction, emotion, insult, kiss, touchdown and pickup truck is felt as real. The characters are fully developed people that feel incredibly real. When people question whether high school football is that big of a deal in Texas, they probably just don't understand there are places in state that are probably even more extreme than the town of Dillon. High School football is no joke. It brings the town together and binds them. The characters that shun the social ramification of football often have other things they despise about the town and its psychology. While the season premiere is getting good reviews, there is some plot twist that is supposedly out of character, and hopefully the do-it-all Peter Berg knows what he's doing. Catch the reviews at Variety and ESPN. Until shown enjoy a familiar sound to FNL


Daniel said...

Keep up the good work!

John said...

BTW, "Devil Town" is a cover of a Daniel Johnston and is a bit of a rip of Bright Eye's cover of it (they apparently couldn't get rights to that version of it).

But, hey, a great version of it for the best show on TV. You're doing the Lord's work.