Friday, September 07, 2007

The Go! Team - Proof of Youth

What's not to love about The Go! Team? I first learned of them while studying in Ireland in 2005 shortly after their debut album came out. Two friends and I chipped in to purchase the cd because it was €25. Originally conceived by Brighton, England based Ian Parton in his parents' kitchen, he eventually needed a band that could duplicate much of the sampled mash that made Thunder, Lighting, Strike so successful. In doing so, the vision was transformed and live performances sounded much different than their "studio" counterparts. The biggest addition being the Ninja's freestyled raps instead of the sampled chants on the album. The Go! Team's sound is a unique mix of guitar riffs, a horn section, hip-hop, and funk. What is so infectious about their sound is how exuberant and light-hearted it is. Their sophomore effort Proof of Youth follows closely on the coattails of their debut. It sounds like there are less samples and therefore more room for Ninja to work her magic. Proof of Youth continues their stunning blend of influences and genres that make them truly unique. While the album remains true to form, there is a part of me that wishes they challenged their own artistic boundaries more than they did. They clearly have the talent and creativity to take it to the next level. Maybe that will come with more touring and experience. With that said, this is one of many highly anticipated releases coming out on Sept. 11 and shows no signs of a sophomore slump.

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