Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The End of Britney

While I didn't watch the VMAs, the inevitable buzz was created by the out-of-sorts looking Britney Spears and the maniacal ranting of Kanye West. So, I thought it only fitting to post a Spears song not performed by her. Instead, it comes courtesy of production whiz Mark Ronson off his Version sampler disc. It just goes to show that sometimes a well-written song can make mediocre artists look that much better. With the unofficial end to her career, I hope to continue not watching the VMAs.

MTV barely shows music videos, and their award show has morphed into even more of a joke. In fact, most music award shows have totally gone down the tubes. When was the last time winning a Grammy meant something? With 137-ish different categories they've become devoid of value. It's like when Homer Simpson won one, throws it off a balcony and hits a hotel bellhop in the head and the bellhop says, "aaaawww, a Grammy?" Exactly. Without much further delay.

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