Monday, August 27, 2007

Vampire Weekend

I really enjoy the Stereogum "Bands to Watch" Archives
because I've found a number of great bands and artists that are kind of bubbling to the surface. To me, each of these examples comes close to explaining aurally why I enjoy music so much. Better yet, they go far to explaining why I love finding new music and telling everyone I know about it. The current example is a band named Vampire Weekend. Generally speaking, this name alone would scare me away because it makes me think of a hard-core grunge/metal band that screams and loves playing power chords on their 6-string basses. This couldn't be farther from the truth. These guys are so far under the musical radar that their AllMusic Guide entry looks like this (if you don't want to click, I'll tell you that it's blank and all it gives is where they're from and when they started playing music). They are getting some buzz as noted on their website's Press link. Either way, I'm eagerly awaiting their full length debut come January 2008 and hoping for more singles along the way. Below is a song off their EP that will hopefully leave you with a good feeling in your eardrums.

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