Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Cold War Kids...Again

This album comes out today. Back in July I wrote a short blurb about how these guys could bring it, and to look out for their debut LP...and here it is in all its glory. A lot of the songs appeared on their EPs, but these are remixed and mastered. Some of the early "professional" reviews are saying:

"Imagine the rawness of the White Stripes on Day 1. Or what Spoon would sound like at a church camp making music with found objects." - LA Times

"Who they are: the best new band in the world. What they're about: the sound of community." - NME

If you didn't believe me a few months ago, please go buy their cd and renew your faith in great indie rock.

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Ian said...

I keep meaning to check these lot out. Although anything favoured by the NME tends to send me running.

Thanks for checking out my blog too. I was wondering if you'd be up for adding links to eachother sites?