Thursday, August 10, 2006

Current iPod Listening

These few albums are what I'm currently enamored with.

I really hope these guys become more popular for the sake of real music fans. They sound amazing. This is their debut LP and is nothing short of a pleasure to listen to.

What hasn't been said about Lily Allen in the UK? She is, quite simply, THE SHIT. Every song on this album is smart, catchy, original, and great. She is basically a popier female version of The Streets with equally witty, funny, nasty lyrics. I've been listening to this album for almost a month now and can't get enough of it.

I found Jackie Greene after he killed on Conan O'Brien. I was immadiately drawn to his bluesy melodies and musicianship. The stand-out track (maybe the first single) is "So Hard To Find My Way." He did this tune on Conan and was great to hear a fresh young voice.

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